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Paul Keating
18 January 1944 -
Prime Minister of Australia from 20 December 1991 to 11 March 1996

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The Inside Story

The definitive biography of Paul Keating, the Prime Minister who did things his way, the man who was not afraid to tackle the big issues.

International Treasurer of the Year; connoisseur of French antiques; devoted family man; parliamentary head-kicker - which of the many images comes nearest to the truth about Paul Keating? Although he was at the forefront of Australian political life for many years, the man and his methods have often seemed mysterious.

Engagement: Australia Faces the Asia Pacific
by Paul Keating
Paul Keating was elected Prime Minister of Australia just as the end of the Cold War was transforming the global and regional environment. During the period of his prime ministership, one of his principal aims was to deepen Australia’s relations with the countries of the Asia Pacific. Insightful and controversial, "Engagement" examines the development of APEC; Australia’s relationship with its largest neighbour, Indonesia; the role of the United States in China’s problematic re-entry into the world community; and the particular problems of Australia’s smaller neighbours in the South Pacific. It examines, too, the questions of Australia’s national identity - the republic, multiculturalism, and the critical importance of establishing a proper relationship with Australia’s indigenous people.
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