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Anywhere in the world, if you ask a person who is intelligent and informed to name some significant Australians who have made a difference to the world, they are likely to name a number of scientists, medical researchers and inventors. These are areas in which Australia has excelled and this is demonstrated by the fact that Australia has produced a remarkable number of  Nobel Prize winners for its small population. Even those who are not particularly intelligent or informed will probably be able to point out Australia's achievement in sport and light entertainment and mention a number of names. Not bad for a country of 20 million people. And even though our writers, painters and other creative artists have not had the same impact on the world stage as our scientists, they have still been important in forging a sense of place and identity for Australians.

White Hat set ourselves the task of choosing 200 Significant Australians. What follows is the result.

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Alphabetic listing

Peter Allen
Dame Judith Anderson
Sir Reginald Ansett (Reg)
John Antill
Robyn Archer
Florence Austral
Sir Edmund Barton
Daisy Bates
Richie Benaud
Bruce Beresford
Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn
Geoffrey Blainey
Sir Thomas Blamey
Cate Blanchett
Neville Bonner
Allan Border
Arthur Boyd
Robin Boyd
Sir Jack Brabham
John Brack
John Bradfield
Sir Donald Bradman
Sir Lawrence Bragg
John Brownlee
Stanley Bruce
Sister Vivian Bullwinkel
Robert O'Hara Burke
Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet
David Bussau
Ita Buttrose
Arthur Calwell
Peter Carey
Jimmy Carruthers
Sir Richard Casey
Roy Cazaly
Harold Cazneaux
Percy Cerutty
Harry Chauvel
Ben Chifley
Don Chipp
Caroline Chisholm
Adrienne Clarke
Marcus Clarke
Professor Graeme Clark
Manning Clark
Sir Ian Clunies-Ross
E. W. Cole
Sir George Coles
H. C. Coombs (Nugget)
Margaret Court
Sir Zelman Cowen
Ruth Cracknell
John Curtin
Sir James Darling
Raymond Dart
Peter Dawson
Alfred Deakin
Sir Owen Dixon
Sir Russell Drysdale
Sir William Dobell
Pat Dodson
Peter Doherty
Sir Edward ('Weary') Dunlop
Max Dupain
Slim Dusty
Jack Dyer
Sir John Eccles
Herb Elliott
Lauris Elms
John Embling
Herbert Vere Evatt
Edward John Eyre
John Fairfax
John Farnham
Frank Fenner
Peter Finch
Tim Flannery
Matthew Flinders
Lord Howard Florey
Errol Flynn
Rev. John Flynn
Florrie Forde
Dawn Fraser
Malcolm Fraser
Cathy Freeman
Dame Phyllis Frost
Joseph Furphy
Sir Hudson Fysh
Peggy Glanville-Hicks
Mel Gibson
Dame Mary Gilmore
Vida Goldstein
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Percy Grainger
Germaine Greer
The Griffins
Ben Hall
Sir Edward Hallstrom
Dame Joan Hammond
Louise Hanson-Dyer
Rolf Harris
Pro Hart
Bob Hawke
Sir Robert Helpmann
Henry Higgins
Bert Hinkler
Paul Hogan
Fred Hollows
Robert Holmes a Court
A. D. Hope
Harry Hopman
William Hudson
Billy Hughes
Robert Hughes
Barry Humphries
Geoff Hunt
Frank Hurley
Sir Isaac Isaacs
Albert Jacka
Marjorie Jackson
Clive James
Ned Kelly
Thomas Keneally
Graham Kennedy
Sir Sidney Kidman
Sir Charles Kingsford Smith
Sydney Kirkby
Emily Kame Kngwarreye
Peter Lalor
John Landy
Rod Laver
Marjorie Lawrence
Henry Lawson
Mary Lee
Essington Lewis
Walter Lindrum
Norman Lindsay
Baz Luhrmann
Eddie Mabo
Sir Bertram Mackennal
Sir Charles Mackerras
Blessed Mary MacKillop
David Malouf
Ern Malley
Archbishop Daniel Mannix
Barry Marshall
Sir Douglas Mawson
Robert May
Heather McKay
H.V. McKay
Dame Nellie Melba
Sir Robert Menzies
Keith Miller
Kylie Minogue
Dame Roma Mitchell
Sir John Monash
Gladys Moncrieff
Leslie Morshead
John Mulvaney
Jack Mundey
Glenn Murcutt
Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
Sir Keith Murdoch
Rupert Murdoch
Les Murray
Sidney Myer
Albert Namatjira
Sir Sidney Nolan
Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Sir Gustav Nossal
Lowitja O'Donoghue
Sir Marcus Oliphant
Sir Hubert Opperman
Kerry Packer
Sir Henry Parkes
Banjo Paterson
Bruce Petty
Peter Porter
Sir Ian Potter
Clifton Pugh
Roy Rene ('Mo')
Henry Handel Richardson
Tom Roberts
Lionel Rose
Murray Rose
Bill Roycroft
Geoffrey Rush
B. A. Santamaria
Fred Schepisi
Professor Brian Schmidt
Peter Sculthorpe
Frank Sedgman
Harry Seidler
Simpson and his Donkey
Peter Singer
Jack Smart
Dick Smith
Sir Keith Smith
Sir Ross Smith
Catherine Helen Spence
Arthur Stace
Fiona Stanley
Nellie Stewart
Sir Arthur Streeton
Shirley Strickland de la Hunty
Dame Joan Sutherland
Margaret Sutherland
Struan Sutherland
Dr Terence Tao
Peter Thomson
Bud Tingwell
Alan Truonson
Albert Tucker
Barry Tuckwell
Sydney Ure Smith
Baron Ferdinand von Mueller
Nancy Wake
Alan Walsh
Nancy Bird Walton
Shane Warne
Doug Waterhouse
Peter Weir
W. C. Wentworth
Morris West
Patrick White
Brett Whiteley
Gough Whitlam
Ted Whitten
Sir Hubert Wilkins
Fred Williams
John Williams
David Williamson
Malcolm Williamson
R. M. Williams
James Wolffensohn
Roger Woodward
Judith Wright

Pioneers & explorers

See also Douglas Mawson (geologist), Dick Smith (businessman)

Inventors & engineers

See also Pro Hart and Australian inventors & invnventions


Science, mathematics & medicine

See also Shirley Strickland Delahunty (athlete, scientist)


Business & philanthropy

Also see David Bussau (businessman, social achiever)



Other social achievers


Also see Mr Eternity (social achiever)


Also see Robert Hughes (writer, art critic)



Also see Ned Kelly (bushranger)

Theatre & film

Music & Opera



Also see Adam Lindsay Gordon


Also see Sir John Monash.and Banjo Paterson.


Also see Kerry Packer, Rupert Murdoch


Popular entertainment

Infamous Australians

See also: