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Seafood store in FootscraySeafood is no longer dirt cheap in Melbourne

Expect to pay through the nose for crayfish and prawns. Even the lowly yabbie will set you back a bit unless you head down  to the local dam with a piece of meat on a string.

It is rare to find good quality fish at a supermarket. (See for instance our comments on this in one of our previous Food & Wine Newsletters.) You will usually need to go to a produce market or a fishmongers since Melbourne has no large scale retail fish markets in the style of Sydney.

Of the markets, Prahran Market usually has the best quality fish, but expect to pay a bit more for the quality.

If you are prepared to take lowlier cuts of fish (at lowlier prices) and cook up a storm, then try the Preston Market or any of the shopping areas mentioned in Vietnamese Food Stores.

Canal's in Nicholson Street Fitzroy is one the most respected fishmongers in Melbourne and can be relied on for good advice.

And if you're whipping up an Asian seafood soup, pay a visit to Emma's Seafood in Box Hill, Footscray or Springvale.

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