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Rose Street Artists' Market
Rose Street Artists' Market

On this page you will find

Overview of Markets

Melbourne's hundreds of markets are an important part of the mix the help define Melbourne's unique character. One any weekend you can find Melburnians and visitors alike trawling their way through one of the myriad of markets and soaking up the atmosphere.

General markets

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Many of the inner suburbs have their own market which operates on selected days of the week, and these markets help define and reflect the nature of their local community Reflecting their origins as public markets where growers producers and other vendors could bring their goods to market they only operate on certain days of the week - otherwise there would be no time to grow or make the goods. Prahran Market has great delicatessens reflecting the affluence of nearby South Yarra and Toorak. The fish at the Footscray Market is plentiful and cheap as one would expect with a large Vietnamese population. The Preston Market has a strong Mediterranean influence. South Melbourne Market offers produce on a Sunday, while at the Gleadell Street Market in Richmond you can still find produce grown in local back gardens and a homely European flavour. Dandenong Market is a one stop shopping with a lively atmosphere.

But the queen of them all is the wonderful Queen Victoria Market. If you only visit one market in Melbourne, this has to be it.

Produce and farmers' markets

Community markets like those mentioned above were of course the original farmers' markets and you will still find many stalls at these markets where the stallholder has grown or produced some or all other goods themselves. In recent years there has been a resurgence in farmers' markets with a particular emphasis on organic products and sustainable farming practices. For a comprehensive listing of these go to Farmers' Markets in Victoria.

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Artists' & designers' markets

Melbourne has a small number of markets where artists and skilled tradespeople have banded together to create an outlet that bypasses hefty gallery or retail commissions. One such Market is the Rose Street Artists' Market. You can also find markets specialising in design at Design in Melbourne.

Craft markets

Melbourne and Victoria have a large number of markets selling art and crafts. Some markets have conditions specifying that all goods should be hand made or home made or that the stallholder must have been directly involved with the manufacture of the goods, etc. Some prominent  art and craft markets of this type are the St Kilda Esplanade Market and the Arts Centre Sunday Market. Of course such conditions often don't preclude the sort of semi mass produced hand-made items that are the same month after month, and, after all, that may be what you are after. You will find a large number of craft markets amongst the comprehensive listing of Melbourne markets below.

Trash and Treasure

In any one week there are large numbers of markets featuring trash & treasure, bric-a-brac, pre-loved goods, olde wares, just plain junk and that thing you have been chasing for years. Some examples of large markets in Melbourne selling all of the above plus a fair bit more include Pipeworks Market, Laverton Rubble & Riches Market, and Caribbean Gardens, while in country Victoria such large markets include the Geelong Mill Markets and the Bendigo Showgrounds Market.

Access by public transport

Many of the larger markets are easily accessible by public transport and an all day ticket to ride the complete system in Melbourne on a Saturday and Sunday is incredibly cheap (see money saving tips). You can even travel to and from Bittern Market on the Mornington Peninsula for a total of $2.90 (see a description of the trip). Queen Victoria, South Melbourne, Prahran, Preston, Footscray and St Albans markets are close to either train or tram. Anything in the inner suburbs is likely to be close to a train or tram. In the outer suburbs buses can often be few and far between so choosing a market close to a railway station is safest. Look out for this situated in railway station carparks such as the Gully Market, Blackburn, Bentleigh etc.


Dogs are rarely if ever allowed at indoor markets and usually cannot be taken to a market held at a racecourse. Dogs on a leash are usually allowed if the market is in a public park or similar open public space. If in doubt check with the organisers.


Of course you don't have to a market with the intention of buying something. You can just go along to soak up the atmosphere. Twilight markets usually have an atmosphere of their own and you can find a comprehensive listing at Twilight Markets in Melbourne. Then for others aren't simply a matter of making money by trading - they are a way of life and serve an important function in the cycle of life in Melbourne. For an example see our Melbourne Newsletter No.183 of 3rd August 2006.

White Hat has what we are regularly told is the best and most comprehensive list of markets in Melbourne and Victoria either on the web or in print, so try choosing from the offerings below:

Some of White Hat's favourite Melbourne markets

During the course of the year White Hat visits hundreds of markets. Here are some of our favourites:

Queen Victoria Market
Prahran Market
South Melbourne Market
Preston Market
Dandenong Market
Richmond (Gleadell St) Market
St Albans Market
Rose Street Artists Market
The People's Market
St Andrews Market
Mernda Market
Berwick Akoonah Park Market
Blenders Lane Artists Market
Wholesale Markets
St Kilda Twilight Market

Finding Markets

Fairs & Fetes
Markets in Country Victoria

Melbourne Markets - all markets

Markets by date
Some popular markets
Markets by day of week

The following listing contains markets in the Melbourne metropolitan area alphabetically by suburb. For a more comprehensive listing of markets in Victoria (including Melbourne) together with grouping by day of the week, go to Markets in Victoria.

Comprehensive listing of Markets in Melbourne

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Defunct Markets

To the best of White Hat's knowledge, the following markets no longer operate:

Croydon Market
The now-defunct Croydon Market




15 June, 2015

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You can find a comprehensive guide to markets around Australia at The White Hat Guide to Markets in Australia.