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Wednesday is hump day. The weekend is just coming in sight but it’s still a distance away. People at a loose end on a Wednesday or visitors to Melbourne are sometimes at a loss for what to do, so here are 20 of our suggestions.

  1. Visit the Old Treasury Building which is one Melbourne's most impressive Victorian era buildings and has a regular display related to the history of Melbourne.
  2. Pay a visit to CERES Environmental Park. Every Wednesday there is a farmers' market and plenty to see and do for adults and kids.
  3. The National Gallery (International) in St Kilda road is often open on Wednesday evenings  for 'Art After Dark'. This often provides an opportunity to visit special exhibitions for those who cannot make it during the day.
  4. Take a trip to Mornington . On Wednesdays you will find a large long-running craft market in the main street. If you want to stay closer to the city you can find a comprehensive list of Wednesday markets at The White Hat Guide to Wednesday Markets in Melbourne
  5. The Queen Victoria Market is closed during the day on a Wednesday but the South Melbourne Market is open and offers a more compact version of its larger sister.
  6. Take a leisurely stroll around Albert Park Lake. Enjoy a picnic or barbecue or maybe hire a boat.
  7. Take a free tour of the Fitzroy Gardens or Royal Park. Details at The White Hat Guide to the Fitzroy Gardens and The White Hat Guide to Royal Park.
  8. During summer months enjoy the bustle of the Queen Victoria Night Market.
  9. Take a boat tour on the Yarra and see the city from a different angle.
  10. Enjoy lunch in Brunswick Street Fitzroy or Smith Street Collingwood.
  11. Attend Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral. A brief oasis of calm in the bustle of the city.
  12. Take a train to the end of the line and enjoy the changing scenery. You could try the Eltham/Hurstbridge line or maybe Belgrave in the Dandenongs
  13. Visit Heidi or the McClelland Gallery and enjoy outdoor sculpture, indoor exhibitions and maybe a glass of champagne.
  14. During winter, take in a free evening film at the State Library.
  15. Have a leisurely night out at a restaurant in the city. There are plenty to choose from.
  16. Visit Chloe at Young & Jacksons (sere above) and remind yourself why she has become an icon of Melbourne.
  17. Attend a free public seminar. For instance the Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific has one on the last Wednesday of the month. See The White Hat Guide to Free Workshops, Lectures & Seminars in Melbourne.
  18. During the summer months head off to the Royal Botanic Gardens for Moonlight Cinema in the Gardens.
  19. Choose a sidewalk cafe in the CBD or in the corporate sector of Docklands and enjoy watching Melbourne at work.
  20. Take a stroll around the Parkville campus of the University of Melbourne and enjoy the mish-mash of architectural styles.
  21.  And finally, if it's raining then you could have a look at The White Hat Guide to 50 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Melbourne.

Some forthcoming events on a Wednesday in Melbourne

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Selected attractions open on certain Wednesdays in Melbourne

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From the White Hat Melbourne Newsletter No.487 of 29th April 2011

"In Flinders Lane you will an old style returned services club called Duckboard House which we have previously mentioned as a hidden gem. Running around this building is a U-shaped lane which at night looks as though it might be quite a dodgy place and it certainly has been in the past. Several years ago part of this lane was renamed AC/DC Lane which visitors assume must be some reference to some electrical manufacturing heritage of the area.

Can we suggest you try venturing into the darkness of AC/DC Lane on a Wednesday night some time between 8pm and 3am. There in a place called 24 Moons you will find a weekly event called ‘kreativ’ featuring anything from visual & performance artists, poets, street performers, bands, soloists, to animators & short films. The intent is to platform a potpourri of at least ten separate performances, presentations, or projects. Weekly prizes will be on offer for those deemed the most “Popular”. Entry is free and drinks are available at the bar. Give it a try and see what you think."

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You can find a comprehensive guide to markets around Australia at The White Hat Guide to Markets in Australia.