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Lonsdale Street MelbourneMelbourne has the largest Greek population of any city outside Greece and this is evident in the inner and middle suburbs. You can find numbers of Greek shops and restaurants in areas such as Oakleigh, Northcote and Sydney Road Brunswick. However, if there is cause for the Greek community to celebrate some national event, chances are they will converge on one city block in Lonsdale Street. This block (between Swanston and Russell Streets) contains some Greek restaurants and shops but is not a 'precinct' in the style of Chinatown or Lygon Street. On an average day, the casual visitor would assume that Melbourne had a small Greek population if they were told that this is the 'Greek Precinct'. However, don't expect to be able to drive your car along there if Greece has just had a major sporting victory.

The major Greek festival is the Antipodes Festival and there are usually numbers of events in Lonsdale Street associated with this. Most Melbournians will know Stalactites Restaurant and many will have picked up a souvlaki there late at night. Around the corner in Russell Street are several Greek night clubs.

On the north side of Lonsdale Street in this block is the large QV complex with its mix of retail, residential and corporate offices.

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