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fortyfive downstairs
Website: fortyfive downstairs


Some forthcoming events at fortyfive downstairs:

Curlew River
Gertrude Opera’s second Culture Project, connecting opera with stories of social justice and humanitarian issues of our time, takes a Benjamin Britten Church Parable, Curlew River, loosely based on a medieval Japanese Noh play and moulds to tell a modern tale, of a hypocritical, selfish society. Confronting the ill-treatment, abduction and death of a child, and reactions to grief-induced madness, to an exquisitely beautiful, gripping score for small chamber ensemble, the production will call into question society’s methods of coping with profound loss – loss of family, of house, of mind – and how we as a group treat those who think, act, or react to tragedy, differently from us.

Artistic Director - Linda Thompson, Designer - Peter Corrigan, Lighting - Greg Carroll, Costumes - Amelia Carroll, Music Direction: Evan Lawson, Dr David Kram, Pam Christie, Irina Cherkasski. Performed with chamber ensemble.

 White Hat