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Resonatus Fatuorum Aprilis (RFA)

Happy April Fools' Day!

You can't say that we didn't try to warn you in our description. Here are some of the things that may have alerted you:

Anyway, welcome to the April Fools' Club. Here you can mingle with a number of friends including those who fell for our previous April Fools' Day pranks about hidden tunnels (2005), secret clubs (2006), Looflirpa Hall (2007) and the First Tuesday Market (2008).

If you've taken some photos or videos you might keep them for your records, or if you're brave enough you might want to forward them to us to put on this website. (If you prefer we will pixellate your face.)

And finally, there may be some who feel that the issue of climate change is so serious that it should never be part of a joke. We also believe that it is one of the most important issues we face today. As to including it in a joke, we would simply say the following two things. Firstly, people don't usually listen to those who aren't prepared to laugh at themselves occasionally. Lighten up. Secondly, we are unlikely to listen to people who don't check the obvious facts. A useful lesson for all of us so let's have a laugh at ourselves and then get back to the job of doing our bit to help turn around climate change.

  White Hat  

"Ha ha White Hat. I hope you get lots of funny pictures.
Not Deceived. North Melbourne"

(4.20pm 31st March 2009)

"Surely your readers are far too astute and aware to fall for this April Fool!

(4.28pm 31st March 2009)

"Yes, well it took me until the "stand on one leg" bit I guess. Reminded me of Steve Martin's drunk test in "The man with two brains" and then I remembered tomorrow's date.
Good luck and I hope you have a "control" group to measure the results accurately! (-:
Keep up the good work - enjoy your newsletter immensely and am about to go OS for 4 months so will be happily reminded of Melbourne every Friday afternoon.
(4.48pm 31st March 2009)

Nice one Mr Hat!
The RFA must be happening early, as my leg seems to have been pulled already and its not quite AFD.
Cheers, Glenn"

(4.59pm 31st March 2009)

"Good try. You got me a few years back, when you made me login to try and get tickets to go and see some non-existent house at 6am, but not this year!

(5.11pm 31st March 2009)

"I donít think it is too early for me to go haha as yet for the 1st of April study. Canít wait to see the official results.
Regards Walter"

(5.19pm 31st March 2009)

"Nice try but I'm not falling for it this year! I'll be getting a good nights sleep.

(5.36pm 31st March 2009)

"And Happy April Fool's Day to you too.

(6.02pm 31st March 2009)

"I wonder how the resonance will affect those of us near the equator???
Ha Ha Ha! LOL
The Arctic summer in January was a bit of a give away too early in the piece......better luck next year.

(6.12pm 31st March 2009)

April fools trick won't work with me.
Hehehe...wonder how many it will catch though.

(6.13pm 31st March 2009)

"The most brilliant April fools joke to date!
Thanks for the laugh,
Warmest Regards Maha"

(7.08pm 31st March 2009)

"Dear Whitehat!
You are SO pulling my leg... I am not hopping and recording myself, this HAS to be an April fools joke haha!!! Congrats for putting your greenhat on for that one!!!
Kat! "

(9.02pm 31st March 2009)

"Great April fool.. love it.... wonder how many people were actually doing this.. I guess we will know because I imagine the 'so called survey' will let you know.
Well done White Hat.. you've excelled yourself...
Love your Newsletter and eagerly await its arrival every Friday.
Ciao Heather"

(8.57am 1st April 2009)

I love your newsletter and this was the best!
For starters - in all the years I've been receiving this newsletter you have never sent it midweek that I can recall (alert no. 1)
I'm sure your Einstein theory data is incorrect re dates etc (alert no. 2) and presume this is an April Fools Joke. So can I say that initially I thought this was going to be a scam email and had a virus attachment - so ran a check. Low and behold it was actually from you!
I would absolutely love to have seen a group of people performing this activity. Not only did I split my sides laughing at your description of what they needed to do but my visualisation of all these 'flamingoes' hopping around was the absolute best! What a fantastic way to release stress - thankyou muchly (have fun pedantics on that one!) from the bottom of my heart and very sore stomach/ribs/lungs area. I take my hat off to you! (pun intended!)
Kind Regards, Karen"

(3.54am 2nd April 2009)



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