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St Johns Southgate is a small, modern Lutheran church located in the Southgate Complex. It replaces the previous worship centre built in 1927 and demolished in 1989 to make way for the Southgate complex.

The organ in the Baroque style suitable for Bach (that great Lutheran) was built by local organ builder Knud Smenge.

The church has a strong emphasis on the arts and is heavily used for exhibitions, concerts and recitals. Database Results Wizard Error
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St Johns Southgate
Daily 7am - 9pm
Sunday services - 9am, 11am & 7pm
20 City Road, Southbank

For the Informed

If you try searching for St Johns Southgate on Google Maps you will be directed to an empty alley between two high two high rise buildings. Google guesses where St Johns is, but White Hat knows where St Johns is. You can find the correct location on the map below.

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