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Stonington Mansion

Stonnington Mansion is the Italian Renaissance Style mansion designed by Charles D'Ebro. It was built in 1890 for the successful businessman John Wagner.

With Federation in 1901, Melbourne became the de-facto capital of Australia. The Governor General occupied Melbourne's Government House and Stonnington Mansion was pressed into service as the the residence of of the Governor of Victoria until such time as Canberra was built and functioning. Thus Stonnington was Victoria's Government House for nearly thirty years.

Since the 1930s it has served a variety of functions including service as both a health and educational institution.

In August 2007 the property was sold to a private owner who intends to carry out extensive restoration work.

Stonington is situated at 336 Glenferrie Road, Malvern. (Note: At times in the past it has sometimes been spelt with a single 'n' - Stonington.)


The stables only of this property will be open in the event mentioned below

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