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Melbourne without football is unthinkable. See for instance our reflection on the place of football in our newsletter from March 2003.

Note: Football or Footy in southern states of Australia has meant just one thing for over a century - Australian Rules Football. In recent years with the advance of globalisation and commercialism, serious amounts of money are being spent to promote soccer (a game codified after Australian Rules) as Football. In the meantime, if you hear a Melbournian talking about football they are almost certainly referring to what White Hat believes to be the finest team game in the world, rather than the most widely played and followed one.

Australian Rules Football
Aussie Rules
Football Experience
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Times shown are the local time for the ground at which the match is played.

Round 3
6:40pm, Friday, April 12Fremantle vs EssendonSubiaco Oval
1:45pm,Saturday, April 13North Melbourne vs SydneyBellrive Oval
2:10pm, Saturday, April 13Melbourne vs West CoastMCG
4:40pm, Saturday, April 13GWS Giants vs St KildaManuka Oval
7:40pm, Saturday, April 13Gold Coast vs BrisbaneCarrara Stadium
7:40pm, Saturday, April 13Geelong vs Carlton Docklands Stadium
1:10pm Sunday, April 14Richmond vs Western BulldogsDocklands Stadium
3:15pm, Sunday, April 14Collingwood vs HawthornMCG 
4:10pm, Sunday, April 14Port Adelaide vs AdelaideFootball Park
Round 4
7:50pm, Friday, April 19Sydney v GeelongSCG
1.45pm, Saturday, April 20Hawthorn v FremantleYork Park
2.10pm, Saturday, April 20Richmond v CollingwoodMCG 
4.40pm, Saturday, April 20St Kilda v EssendonDocklands Stadium
5.40pm, Saturday, April 20West Coast v CarltonSubiaco Oval
7.40pm, Saturday, April 20Gold Coast v Port AdelaideCarrara Stadium
1.10pm, Sunday, April 21Melbourne v GWS GiantsMCG 
2.45pm, Sunday, April 21Adelaide v Western BulldogsFootball Park
4.40pm, Sunday, April 21North Melbourne v BrisbaneDocklands Stadium
Round 5
2.40pm, Thursday, April 25Essendon v CollingwoodMCG 
7.40pm, Thursday, April 25St Kilda v SydneyWestpac Stadium, Wellington
6.40pm, Friday, April 26Fremantle v RichmondSubiaco Oval
1.40pm, Saturday, April 27GWS Giants v Gold CoastManuka Oval
4.40pm, Saturday, April 27Carlton v AdelaideMCG 
7.40pm, Saturday, April 27Western Bulldogs v GeelongDocklands Stadium
7.10pm, Saturday, April 27Port Adelaide v West CoastFootball Park
3.15pm, Sunday, April 28Brisbane v MelbourneGabba
4.40pm, Sunday, April 28Hawthorn v North MelbourneMCG 
Round 6
7.50pm, Friday, May 3Collingwood v St KildaDocklands Stadium
1.45pm, Saturday, May 4Essendon v GWS GiantsDocklands Stadium
2.10pm, Saturday, May 4North Melbourne v Port AdelaideBellrive Oval
4.10pm, Saturday, May 4Adelaide v HawthornFootball Park
7.40pm, Saturday, May 4Gold Coast v FremantleCarrara Stadium
7.40pm, Saturday, May 4Richmond v GeelongMCG
1.10pm, Sunday, May 5Sydney v BrisbaneSCG
2.40pm, Sunday, May 5West Coast v Western BulldogsSubiaco Oval
3.15pm, Sunday, May 5Carlton v MelbourneMCG
Round 7  
7.50pm, Friday, May 10Geelong v EssendonDocklands Stadium
1.15pm, Saturday, May 11Port Adelaide v RichmondFootball Park
2.10pm, Saturday, May 11Brisbane v West CoastGabba
4.40pm, Saturday, May 11Western Bulldogs v North MelbourneDocklands Stadium
5.40pm, Saturday, May 11Fremantle v CollingwoodSubiaco Oval
7.40pm, Saturday, May 11Hawthorn v SydneyMCG
1.10pm, Sunday, May 12GWS Giants v AdelaideSydney Showgrounds Stadium
4.40pm, Sunday, May 12Melbourne v Gold CoastMCG
7.40pm, Monday, May 13St Kilda v CarltonDocklands Stadium
Round 8
6.40pm, Friday, May 17West Coast v North MelbourneSubiaco Oval
1.45pm, Saturday, May 18Essendon v BrisbaneDocklands Stadium
2.10pm, Saturday, May 18Hawthorn v GWS GiantsYork Park, Launceston
4.40pm, Saturday, May 18Gold Coast v Western BulldogsCarrara Stadium
7.40pm, Saturday, May 18Sydney v FremantleSCG
7.40pm, Saturday, May 18Collingwood v GeelongMCG
1.10pm, Sunday, May 19Carlton v Port AdelaideDocklands Stadium
3.15pm, Sunday, May 19Richmond v MelbourneMCG
4.10pm, Sunday, May 19Adelaide v St KildaFootball Park
Round 9
7.50pm, Friday, May 24Collingwood v SydneyMCG
1.15pm, Saturday, May 25Port Adelaide v GeelongFootball Park
2.10pm, Saturday, May 25GWS Giants v West CoastSydney Showgrounds Stadium
4.40pm, Saturday, May 25St Kilda v Western BulldogsDocklands Stadium
7.40pm, Saturday, May 25Brisbane v CarltonGabba
7.45pm, Saturday, May 25Richmond v EssendonMCG
1.10pm, Sunday, May 26Hawthorn v Gold CoastMCG
2.40pm, Sunday, May 26Fremantle v MelbourneSubiaco Oval
3.15pm, Sunday, May 26North Melbourne v AdelaideDocklands Stadium
Round 10
7.50pm, Friday, May 31Brisbane v CollingwoodGabba
1.40pm, Saturday, June 1Adelaide v FremantleFootball Park
1.45pm, Saturday, June 1Carlton v GWS GiantsDocklands Stadium
4.40pm, Saturday, June 1Sydney v EssendonSCG
7.40pm, Saturday, June 1Western Bulldogs v Port AdelaideMarrara Stadium, Darwin
7.40pm, Saturday, June 1Geelong v Gold CoastKardinia Park
3.15pm, Sunday, June 2Melbourne v HawthornMCG
4.40pm, Sunday, June 2North Melbourne v St KildaDocklands Stadium
5.40pm, Monday, June 3West Coast v RichmondSubiaco Oval
Round 11
7.50pm, Friday, June 7Essendon v CarltonMCG
1.40pm, Saturday, June 8GWS Giants v GeelongSydney Showgrounds Stadium
4.10pm, Saturday, June 8Adelaide v SydneyFootball Park
7.40pm, Saturday, June 8Gold Coast v North MelbourneCarrara Stadium
4.40pm, Sunday, June 9St Kilda v West CoastDocklands Stadium
3.15pm, Monday, June 10Melbourne v CollingwoodMCG
Round 12
7.50pm, Friday, June 14Carlton v HawthornDocklands Stadium
1.40pm, Saturday, June 15Richmond v AdelaideMCG
2.40pm, Saturday, June 15Fremantle v BrisbaneSubiaco Oval
7.40pm, Saturday, June 15Essendon v Gold CoastDocklands Stadium
1.10pm, Sunday, June 16GWS Giants v Port AdelaideSydney Showgrounds Stadium
4.40pm, Sunday, June 16Collingwood v Western BulldogsDocklands Stadium
Round 13
7.50pm, Friday, June 21Hawthorn v West CoastDocklands Stadium
1.10pm, Saturday, June 22Port Adelaide v SydneyFootball Park
4.40pm, Saturday, June 22St Kilda v MelbourneMCG
7.40pm, Saturday, June 22Western Bulldogs v RichmondDocklands Stadium
1.15pm, Sunday, June 24Fremantle v North MelbourneSubiaco Oval
4.40pm, Sunday, June 24Brisbane v GeelongGabba
Round 14
6.10pm, Thursday, June 27West Coast v EssendonSubiaco Oval
7.50pm, Friday, June 28Sydney v CarltonSCG
1.40pm, Saturday, June 29Gold Coast v AdelaideCarrara Stadium
4.10pm, Saturday, June 29Port Adelaide v CollingwoodFootball Park
7.40pm, Saturday, June 29Melbourne v Western BulldogsMCG
7.40pm, Saturday, June 29Geelong v FremantleKardinia Park
1.10pm, Sunday, June 30Hawthorn v BrisbaneYork Park, Launceston
3.15pm, Sunday, June 30North Melbourne v GWS GiantsDocklands Stadium
4.40pm, Sunday, June 30Richmond v St KildaMCG
Round 15
7.50pm, Friday, July 5Carlton v CollingwoodMCG
1.45pm, Saturday, July 6GWS Giants v Western BulldogsManuka Oval, Canberra
2.10pm, Saturday, July 6North Melbourne v RichmondDocklands Stadium
4.40pm, Saturday, July 6Brisbane v Gold CoastGabba
7.10pm, Saturday, July 6Adelaide v West CoastFootball Park
7.40pm, Saturday, July 6Geelong v HawthornMCG
1.10pm, Sunday, July 7Melbourne v SydneyMCG
1.15pm, Sunday, July 7Fremantle v St KildaSubiaco Oval
4.40pm, Sunday, July 7Essendon v Port AdelaideDocklands Stadium
Round 16
7.50pm, Friday, July 12Collingwood v AdelaideMCG
1.15pm, Saturday, July 13Port Adelaide v HawthornFootball Park
2.10pm, Saturday, July 13Geelong v MelbourneKardinia Park
4.40pm, Saturday, July 13Richmond v Gold CoastCazaly Stadium, Cairns
7.40pm, Saturday, July 13Brisbane v North MelbourneGabba
7.40pm, Saturday, July 13Carlton v St KildaDocklands Stadium
1.10pm, Sunday, July 14Sydney v GWS GiantsSCG
2.40pm, Sunday, July 14West Coast v FremantleSubiaco Oval
3.15pm, Sunday, July 14Western Bulldogs v EssendonDocklands Stadium
Round 17
7.50pm, Friday, July 19North Melbourne v CarltonDocklands Stadium
1.45pm, Saturday, July 20Hawthorn v Western BulldogsYork Park, Launceston
2.10pm, Saturday, July 20GWS Giants v EssendonSydney Showgrounds Stadium
4.40pm, Saturday, July 20Gold Coast v CollingwoodCarrara Stadium
7.10pm, Saturday, July 20Melbourne v BrisbaneMarrara Stadium, Darwin
7.40pm, Saturday, July 20St Kilda v Port AdelaideDocklands Stadium
1.10pm, Sunday, July 21Richmond v FremantleMCG
2.40pm, Sunday, July 21West Coast v SydneySubiaco Oval
2.45pm, Sunday, July 21Adelaide v GeelongFootball Park
Round 18
7.50pm, Friday, July 26Essendon v HawthornDocklands Stadium
1.45pm, Saturday, July 27Gold Coast v CarltonCarrara Stadium
2.10pm, Saturday, July 27Melbourne v North MelbourneDocklands Stadium
4.40pm, Saturday, July 27Collingwood v GWS GiantsMCG
5.40pm, Saturday, July 27Fremantle v AdelaideSubiaco Oval
7.40pm, Saturday, July 27Geelong v St KildaKardinia Park
12.40pm, Sunday, July 28Port Adelaide v BrisbaneFootball Park
3.15pm, Sunday, July 28Western Bulldogs v West CoastDocklands Stadium
4.40pm, Sunday, July 28Sydney v RichmondSCG
Round 19
7.50pm, Friday, August 2North Melbourne v GeelongDocklands Stadium
1.45pm, Saturday, August 3GWS Giants v MelbourneSydney Showgrounds Stadium
2.10pm, Saturday, August 3Hawthorn v RichmondMCG
2.40pm, Saturday, August 3West Coast v Gold CoastSubiaco Oval
7.40pm, Saturday, August 3Brisbane v St KildaGabba
7.40pm, Saturday, August 3Carlton v FremantleDocklands Stadium
1.10pm, Sunday, August 4Western Bulldogs v SydneyDocklands Stadium
2.45pm, Sunday, August 4Adelaide v Port AdelaideFootball Park
4.40pm, Sunday, August 4Collingwood v EssendonMCG
Round 20
7.50pm, Friday, August 9St Kilda v HawthornDocklands Stadium
1.45pm, Saturday, August 10Richmond v BrisbaneMCG
2.10pm, Saturday, August 10Geelong v Port AdelaideKardinia Park
4.40pm, Saturday, August 10Carlton v Western BulldogsDocklands Stadium
7.40pm, Saturday, August 10Gold Coast v MelbourneCarrara Stadium
7.40pm, Saturday, August 10Sydney v CollingwoodStadium Australia
1.10pm, Sunday, August 11Essendon v West CoastDocklands Stadium
2.40pm, Sunday, August 11Fremantle v GWS GiantsSubiaco Oval
2.45pm, Sunday, August 11Adelaide v North MelbourneFootball Park
Round 21
7.50pm, Friday, August 16Hawthorn v CollingwoodMCG
1.40pm, Saturday, August 17Port Adelaide v Gold CoastFootball Park
1.45pm, Saturday, August 17Richmond v CarltonMCG
4.40pm, Saturday, August 17Essendon v North MelbourneDocklands Stadium
5.40pm, Saturday, August 17West Coast v GeelongSubiaco Oval
7.40pm, Saturday, August 17Brisbane v GWS GiantsGabba
1.10pm, Sunday, August 18Melbourne v FremantleMCG
3.15pm, Sunday, August 18Sydney v St KildaSCG
4.40pm, Sunday, August 18Western Bulldogs v AdelaideDocklands Stadium
Round 22 - all times and venues to be confirmed
7.50pm, Friday, August 23Collingwood v West CoastMCG
1.15pm, Saturday, August 24Adelaide v MelbourneFootball Park
2.10pm, Saturday, August 24North Melbourne v HawthornDocklands Stadium
4.40pm, Saturday, August 24Geelong v SydneyKardinia Park
5.40pm, Saturday, August 24Fremantle v Port AdelaideSubiaco Oval
7.40pm, Saturday, August 24Carlton v EssendonMCG
1.10pm, Sunday, August 25St Kilda v Gold CoastDocklands Stadium
3.15pm, Sunday, August 25GWS Giants v RichmondSydney Showgrounds Stadium
4.40pm, Sunday, August 25Brisbane v Western BulldogsGabba
Round 23 - all times and venues to be confirmed
 Collingwood v North MelbourneMCG
 Geelong v BrisbaneKardinia Park
 Sydney v HawthornStadium Australia
 Western Bulldogs v MelbourneDocklands Stadium
 St Kilda v FremantleDocklands Stadium
 Essendon v RichmondMCG
 West Coast v AdelaideSubiaco Oval
 Gold Coast v GWS GiantsCarrara Stadium
 Port Adelaide v CarltonFootball Park
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