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Antonin Dvořák

Antonin Dvořák

Born: 8th May 1841
Died: 1st May 1904

Antonin Dvořák was a Czech composer whose symphonies, chamber music and vocal music continues to be widely performed and highly regarded.

Some forthcoming Australian concerts and performances featuring the music of Dvořák:

Ray Chen performs Tchaikovsky

Ray Chen - violin

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra conducted by Simone Young with Ray Chen (violin).

It’s only fitting that Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto is performed by Australian violinist Ray Chen who rose to international fame performing this piece in the Queen Elisabeth Competition just over 10 years ago.

Inspiring just as much passion is Dvořák’s New World Symphony. A striking blend of his typical Bohemian style and African American influences, Dvořák’s symphony remains a universal favourite - even taken along with Neil Armstrong on his journey to the moon.

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