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Councill House 2 (CH2), MelbourneBuildings that are energy and resource efficient are often labelled 'green buildings'. For reasons we have explained elsewhere, we at White Hat find the use of the word 'green' a somewhat mindless marketing term in the Australian context and prefer to use more objective terms such as environmentally sustainable design (ESD).

Below are some of the more significant energy efficient buildings in Melbourne together with tours and events related to sustainable design.


CH2 (Council House 2)

Council House 2 is the main administration building of the City of Melbourne (Melbourne City Council). When it opened in August 2006 it represented one of the most energy-conscious office buildings in the world and received the (then) maximum six star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. Full details at Council House 2.


Digital Harbour Port 1010Digital Harbour Port 1010

Digital Harbour Port 1010, was the first new development at Docklands to achieve a Green Building Council, 5 Star Green Star Office Design rating. The main challenge at Digital Harbour Port 1010 was to ensure that the development�s goal of maximised energy and water efficiency and minimised environmental impact was achieved in a cost effective solution. NDY adopted a holistic approach to environmental and energy efficient design through key initiatives including but not limited to:

  • An onsite blackwater treatment facility
  • Use of a variable air volume (VAV) system to regulate energy use
  • Energy efficient lighting solutions
  • Carbon dioxide monitoring and control resulting in reduced emissions
  • A night purge system for natural building cooling
  • The use of 100% fresh air economy cycles improving ventilation throughout the building
  • A high efficiency fa�ade that reduces heat load without compromising external views.

As Port 1010 at Docklands is located on previously contaminated land, the excavation of the site and the balance of earth removed was minimised. Native plants were introduced to this previously under-utilised land to improve the site�s ecological value and minimise irrigation requirements.

The Guage

The Guage - Docklands, MelbourneThe Guage at Melbourne Docklands has been awarded the Green Buildings of Australia Six Green Star rating. Features include:

  • An on site electricity cogeneration system
  • A number of initiatives to reduce potable water consumption




Inner suburbs

40 Albert Road, South Melbourne40 Albert Road, South Melbourne

Currently one of Australia�s highest-rated green office buildings. This state of the art, environmentally friendly and energy sustainable development represents a benchmark for the best practice design and performance in green office building. It has been acknowledged by industry and recognised by winning several national awards. It is a landmark in sustainable design and engineering with a six star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. 40 Albert Road has been redeveloped from an average 20 year old, five floor office block to a sustainable building taking careful consideration of today�s environmental impacts.


The 60 L Green Building60 L (60 Leicester Street, Carlton)

This warehouse, now converted to office and commercial spaces, was one of the first in Melbourne to attempt to apply a whole range of sustainable design principles to such a conversion. The list of tenants gives some indication that this is a hub for a number conservation-minded organisations. Tenants include The Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy, Australian Conservation Foundation, Birds Australia, Environment Defenders Office, Environment Victoria, Going Solar and the Victorian National Parks Association.

Middle & outer suburbs

Moorabbin Justice Centre

Country & Regional Victoria

Bendigo Bank Headquarters

A five star energy rated rural building located in the heart of Bendigo. This building demonstrates environmental best practice as recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia. Bendigo Bank�s objectives have also encompassed staff satisfaction acknowledging the importance of work place. In addition, energy and water efficiency innovations have resulted in a five star energy performance to the Australian Building Greenhouse rating. This building is full of many ground-breaking Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) characteristics.

Some attractions & events related to sustainable design :

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