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Maranoa Gardens


Melbourne is famous for its European style parks and gardens. However, tucked away in suburban Balwyn is an Australian native garden containing Australian plantings of remarkable quantity and quality. There is an adjoining park with playground equipment and a Rapunzel tower (unfortunately fenced up), so you can take the kids and have a picnic.

By judicious use of landscaping and shadecloth, this garden contains different vegetation types that would normally not be found in the same area. There is a temperate woodland/heathland area, an arid rockery, a dry sclerophyll forest environment and a fernery. Some notable plants include prostrate form of Acacia, Dampiera, Corrca, Banksia and Grevillia. There are also examples of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants. 

To get to the gardens from the city, take a No. 109 tram (Mont Albert) heading east in Collins Street. Get off at stop 54 where it is a short walk to Beckett Park and Maranoa Garden.

Some forthcoming events at Maranoa Gardens:

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