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Station Pier

Gatehouse at Station Pier  

Station Pier was opened in 1854 in what was then known as Sandridge. It was originally known as Railway Pier and the first major railway in Australia ran from Melbourne to Station Pier. A description of the conditions prevailing in the early days of the pier and railway line can be found at our entry on Seven Bridges of Melbourne under Sandridge Bridge. Much of Melbourne's early infrastructure was created and operated by private businesses including the Melbourne-Hobson's Bay Railway line. During the 1950s and 1960s Station Pier was the focal point of the post war migration to Australia particularly from Italy and Greece. It now has almost one million passengers per year. It is the terminal for the ferry service to Tasmania as well as having numbers of visits from cruise ships throughout summer and autumn. Numbers of navy and visiting research ships also berth at Station Pier.

Spirit of Tasmania ferry
Spirit of Tasmania Ferry
Melbourne to Tasmania

Rainbow Warrior II at Station Pier
May 2004

Some forthcoming events:

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Cruise ships at Station Pier.
Two large cruise ships at Station Pier
in early 2005

Proposed cruise ship visits to Station Pier.

You can find a full schedule of cruise ship visits at the Port of Melbourne Authority.

Please note - schedule may vary and arrival and departure times can typically vary by an hour in either direction.

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