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Schubert Piano Sonata No 14, D.784

composed - February 1823
first published - 1839 (11 years after Schubert's death)

  1. Allegro giusto
  2. Andante
  3. Allegro vivace
Schubert Sonata D 784 - 1st movement

The first thing you notice when you open the score of Schubert's Sonata D.784 is its sparseness. Look for instance at the bottom of the first page above. Simple octaves abound rather than fully fleshed-out harmonies. Even the harmonies of this A minor/F major/D minor three-movement work do not wander as far from their centre as the did in many of Schubert's earlier works. You will also notice at the start of the second line above the appearance of the simple repeated rhythm - long-short-log-short-log-short-long-short - that permeates most of the firs movement. Even in the more lyrical passages when it is not present, the listener instinctively fills it in.

In his new later style, and this work does mark a point of departure in Schubert's piano works, it is as though Schubert, by looking inwards, has trusted the listener to become an active participant by filling in implied rhythms or harmonies or melodies. It is this active participation of the listener that marks out much great music.

The long-short rhythm propels the journey stoically forward through periods of loud interruptions and quiet calm to a destination - we know not where. Even the end of the first movement does not convince us we have reached the goal.

The chorale-like second movement allows us time for contemplation before the relentless whirling triplets of the third movement place us in a more turbulent environment. The final four chords place us emphatically back in the A minor from which we started,

Some forthcoming performances of Schubert Piano Sonata no 14, D.784:

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Selected Sheet Music of Schubert Piano Sonata No 14, D.784

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Piano Sonatas, Volume I Piano Solo. Composed by Franz Schubert (1797-1828). Edited by Paul Mies. Sheet Music. Paperbound. Henle Music Folios. Urtext edition-paper bound. Classical. Collection (softcover). With introductory text and performance notes. 163 pages. G. Henle #HN146. Published by G. Henle (HL.51480146).
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Schubert: Complete Works For Piano (Version 2.0) CD Sheet Music. CD Sheet Music (Version 2.0). CD-ROM. CD Sheet Music #30400011. Published by CD Sheet Music (HL.220523).