The first Anzac Day commemoration was organised by John Monash one year after the fateful landing. The Australian troops were now in Egypt, and here is how Monash described that first Anzac Day commemoration in a letter to his wife.

� I turned out the whole Brigade . . at 6.45 in the morning. Every man who had served on Gallipoli wore a blue ribbon on the right breast, and every man, who, in addition, had taken part in the historic landing on April 25/15 wore a red ribbon also.... Alas, how few of us are left who were entitled to wear both! We then had a short but very dignified Service.

... We spent the morning in cricket matches and other amusement, and in the afternoon, the whole Division went down to the Canal to swim and take part in a great Aquatic Carnival ... one teeming mass of naked humanity�at times there were over 15,000 men in the water. ... Of course we had many comic items on the programme, including a skit on the memorable landing.

... in the evening we had mess dinners everywhere, and finished up with band concerts, and wished each other the opportunity of enjoying many happy returns of this famous Day�Our Day.�

Some forthcoming events:

Anzac Day March

The annual march along Swanston Street and St Kilda Road to the Shrine.

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Anzac Day Dawn Service

The traditional atmospheric service at the Shrine.

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