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The White Hat Guide to

Holiday Dates in Canberra

Holiday Dates in

Canberra & the A.C.T.

Public Holidays

  2023 2024
New Year’s Day 1st Jan & 2nd Jan
(day in lieu for New Year's Day on 1st)
1st Jan
Australia Day 26th Jan 26th Jan
Canberra Day 13th March 11th March
Good Friday 7th April 29th March
Easter Saturday 8th April 30th March
Easter Sunday 9th April 31st March
Easter Monday 10th April 1st April
ANZAC Day 25th April 25th April
Reconciliation Day 29th May 27th May
Sovereign’s Birthday 12th June 10th June
Labour Day 2nd Oct 7th Oct
Christmas Day 25th December 25th December
Boxing Day 26th Dec 26th Dec
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School Term Dates

  2023 2024 2025
hols until 26th Jan until 28th Jan until 30th Jan
Term 1 27th Jan - 6th April 29th Jan - 12th April 31st Jan - 11th April
hols 5th April to 23rd April 13th April to 28th April 12th April to 27th April
Term 2 24th April - 30th June 29th April - 5th July 28th April - 4th July
hols 1st July to 18th July 6th July to 21st July 4t3rdh July to 20th July
Term 3 17th July - 22nd Sept 22nd July - 27th Sept 21st July - 26th Sept
hols 23rd Sept to 8th Oct 28th Sept to 13th Oct 27th Sept to 12th Oct
Term 4 9th Oct - 15th Dec 14th Oct - 17th Dec 13th Oct - 18th Dec
hols from 16th Dec from 18th Dec from 19th Dec
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