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Commencing from the gatehouse at the main gates (see picture on left) in College Crescent near Princes Park Drive. (Melway 2B D3). If you are going by public transport, take the No 19 tram in Elizabeth Street and alight at stop 13. Follow College Crescent for about 150 m until you reach the main gate of the cemetery. Please note that on 1st September 2007 the City of Melbourne truncated the route of the Free Tourist Shuttle Bus and it no longer passes the Melbourne Cemetery.

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Some examples of our feedback

"Having been a local historian, family historian, genealogist , and general cemetery buff I came along expecting to only pick up the odd bits and pieces which I did not already know. What a surprise! I have been on many cemetery tours throughout the world, but I enjoyed this more than any other. Theatrical where appropriate but with quiet asides demonstrating knowledge across a breadth of disciplines which is unusual in this field. Thank you again.. ."

Maureen, January 2007

"I was a little diffident about taking our group on this tour as we had been on a not very inspiring tour several years ago where the guide simply read from written notes. . . . Your tour was nicely constructed with your guide using numbers of audio-visual aids to enhance the experience as well as drawing on his acting and story telling skills. On top of that he was able to answer all questions that our knowledgeable group (including scientists, historians, musicians and other professionals) threw at him. First rate stuff!"

Dr John S___, 7 October 2004

"My wife and I would like to Thank whitehat for taking us on the tour of the Melbourne Cemetery and the Murder and Mystery tour. We have not stopped talking about them and have made it a point of telling all and sundry about them. A big thank you goes out to (the man in the white hat) who with out a doubt makes the tours the success that they are. Our Hats (white) off to you and keep up the good work."

Steve & Karen, 15 September 2003

"My partner and I had a ... tour ... around Melbourne Cemetery 2 years ago and STILL tell our friends! An overdue belated THANKYOU for a great day!"

Elise. 26 August 2003
From the melbourne.citysearch.com.au review January 2003

" . . (The White Hat guide's) social-commentary tour combines humour, respect, philosophical inquiry and amazing historical detail. He creates and solves mysteries, yet allows participants to draw their own conclusions as to the scandals and romance of lives lived and lost. . ."

"The feedback forms indicate that for many participants your cemetery tour was the highlight of the Conference"

Peter, March 1993

"What a wonderful tour. We were inspired by your after dinner address and decided to come along on your cemetery tour. We never realised what wonderful stories lay just across the road from where we live. We have already borrowed two of the books you recommended from our local library."

Peter & Judy, June 1991


Please not that the night tours of the Melbourne Cemetery which ran for many years under the auspices of the National Trust no longer operate.

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