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We are currently re-writing our FAQs in full and so this page will not be functioning fully for a little time. This page should return to normal complete with the new FAQs by mid August 2008. Thank you for your patience.

How do I submit an event for listing on this website?
You can either click here or on the link 'Submit an event, attraction or venue for listing on these pages' which you will find in the left hand column of most pages on this website.

Why does a white hat appear in most of your photographs?
There are four main reasons.

  1. It shows that staff from White Hat have actually visited the place in questions and are not just reproducing information supplied by others.

  2. It help reminds visitors what web site they are on.

  3. It often helps provide a sense of size of the main objects in the photograph.

  4. It help deter black hats stealing our photographs and claiming them as their own. Since we introduced the hat to our photographs, this type of plagiarism has dropped by 90%.

Does White Hat have a blog?
We feel that we have already bombarded people enough with the White Hat view of the world on our weekly newsletters and monthly podcasts so that a blog would be superfluous.

Does White Hat have a Bulletin Board or Chat Board?
We set out to be Informed, Intelligent, Independent and (occasionally) Irreverent. We tried having a chat board for a while and although many of the contributions were Irreverent, many were ill-informed (involving us in much work to provide the correct information). not independent (lots of people anonymously promoting their own products or events and bad-mouthing their competition under the guise of 'a member of the public'), while many other entries were offensive and childish and not at all intelligent. In the end we abandoned the chat board so that people could feel that anything on the White Hat website had a good chance of being, Intelligent, Informed and Independent. Chat boards and bulletin boards are great things and there are tons of them out there - they just don't happen to fit well with what we're trying to do.

Does White Hat have a wiki?
Wikis can be a great source of (often) reliable information but they are rarely encyclopaedic. For instance, Wikipedia contains numbers of entries on minor Australian television newsreaders and a variety of vacuous 'celebrities' while completely ignoring a number of important people we have listed in our 200 Significant Australians. That doesn't mean that White Hat is not open to correction and amendment and suggestions can be sent to corrections@whitehat.com.au. Wikis also produce a somewhat bland 'voice'. People tell us they enjoy White Hat recipes or historical vignettes because of their style as much as their content. For these reasons White Hat does not have a wiki.

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