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Noel Counihan

4th October 1913 ï¿½ 5th July 1986

From The Argus, 20th May 1933

Crowd Addressed From Tram Roof.
In the course of a chase in Sydney road, Brunswick, last night, Reginald Patullo, labourer, of Alfred street, Port Melbourne, was accidentally shot in the thigh by a bullet from a pistol carried by a constable.
Large numbers of police were on duty in Sydney road last night to prevent attempts to hold street meetings. Shortly after 8 o'clock a police motor-car in the charge of Sergeant Birch, containing Constables Wilson, Adam, Gooden, and Ward, was being driven past the Brunswick Town Hall, when the constables noticed Patullo on the roof of a cable tramcar which was passing along Sydney road. The police state that Patullo was trying to address the crowds lining the road. The police motor-car followed that tramcar to Ballarat road, where it stopped. Patullo jumped from the roof and ran along Sydney road. Constables chased him on foot. After running about 40 or 50 yards Patullo doubled back, and in doing so tripped up Constable Gooden, who accidentally fired his pistol as he fell. The bullet entered Patullo's left thigh. Patullo was taken to the Melbourne Hospital and was admitted.

Young Man Arrested at Brunswick.
Much interest was aroused among late shopping crowds in Sydney road, Brunswick, about 20 minutes to 9 o'clock last night, when a steel cage, chained and pad- locked, containing a young, well-dressed man, was driven out of Victoria street on a horse lorry. The horse was taken out of the shafts in Sydney road, and picking up a megaphone the young man began to harangue the crowd through the bars. In large letters on the cage were the words, "We want free speech" and "In gaol, 18 class-war prisoners, for free speech." Mounted constables dispersed the crowd. Senior constable Mason, after several fruitless efforts with a wooden bar, broke open the cage and arrested the man. The lorry, with the cage still bolted to it, was taken to the Brunswick police station. At the Brunswick police station, Noel Cunningham, aged 19 years, labourer, was charged with offensive behaviour.

Counihan in cage

The young man in question was Noel Counihan (not Cunningham as stated in the newspaper report although it may be possible that is the name he gave on the night.)
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Free Speech Memorial

Free Speech Memorial with Brunswick Mechanics Institue in background

Free Speech Memorial - detailFree Speech Memorial - detail