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Some Significant Victorians

Some Significant Victorians

Streeton Monument in the area of his birth
Mount Moriac, Victoria

The White Hat Guide to

Some Significant People from Regional & Country Victoria

The following country Victorians can be found in our profiles of 200 Significant Australians:

Some other Significant Victorians

Some other significant country Victorians include:

In his retirement, Barry Tuckwell now lives in Central Victoria.

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Some attractions and events related to Significant Victorians:

Barwon Park

A historic bluestone mansion with 42 rooms and an enduring reminder to the wealth and success of the Western District graziers of the 19th century. The mansion also includes a room celebrating the achievements of the local soprano, Marjorie Lawrence. More information at The White Hat Guide to Barwon Park >>

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  • Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet
    Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet
  • Sir Edward ('Weary') Dunlop (surgeon, war hero) whose courage and compassion inspired a generation.
    Weary Dunlop
  • Malcolm Fraser
    Malcolm Fraser
  • 'Oppy'
  • Sir John Quick
    Sir John Quick
  • 'Smike' Streeton -aged 24. Portrait by Tom Roberts
    Sir Arthur Streeton