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  1. Go ice skating at the Ice House in Docklands
  2. Go to the State Library - The State Library is like a large free theme park for the thinking person. It's air conditioned and free. There you will find numbers of major displays, the Stawell Gallery which has art associated with the growth of Melbourne, the Keith Murdoch Gallery with changing displays around various topics, a significant chess section where you can sit down for a game, activity areas for children and, of course, books. Alternatively, check out the library in your local suburb.
  3. Head for the Ice Bar in Southbank. Get rugged up and have a drink surrounded by real ice.

Photo of Melbourne Melbourne Chill On Ice Lounge Ice Bar

  1. Head off to the beach. Some of favourites close to the city include St Kilda, Albert Park and Brighton. More information at Melbourne Beaches.

  1. Take a free tour of Parliament House - it's air conditioned.
  2. Go to an indoor event - There are indoor events happening most days in Melbourne. Just go to the White Hat Calendar of Events in Melbourne and select the appropriate date.
  3. Visit Federation Square - Fed Square, as the locals call it, contains the magnificent Ian Potter Gallery of Australian Art, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image which usually has numbers of displays and film screenings and the Atrium and The Edge spaces are often playing host to a display, market or performance. In addition there are numbers of shops, cafes, restaurants and bars in which to relax.
  4. In the evening head off to an outdoor cinema. You can find a comprehensive list of offerings at The White Hat Guide to Outdoor Cinema in Melbourne.
  5. Search out a suburban swimming pool. Some close to the city include Fitzroy Pool, Brunswick Pool and the Swimming Centre at Albert Park.
  6. Cool down in a fountain

  1. Head off to a twilight market. You can find a comprehensive list at The White Hat Guide to Twilight Markets in Melbourne.

St Kilda Beach Night Market

  1. Getting about - remember that less than half of Melbourne's trams are air conditioned so you may want to check your Tram Tracker App which on hot days labels which trams have air con.
  2. Head off to an air conditioned Museum. The Melbourne Museum has more than enough to keep you cool and interested for several hours. You can a selection of museums at The White Hat Guide to Museums in Melbourne.
  3. Go fishing at The Warmies. With peak electricity load you know the Newport Power Station will be operating which means the fish will be biting and all the regulars will be there. To find out why, go to The White Hat Guide to The Warmies.

  1. Watch the sun set from the Melbourne Star Ferris Wheel. The cabins are air conditioned and the atmospheric conditions of a really hot day often ends with a spectacular sunset and/or a lighting show. As a historical footnote, we remind you that it was in a particularly hot spell several years ago that cracks appeared in said wheel and it had to be closed down and repaired. That should add to the excitement.
  2. Get out of the concrete jungle. Tall city buildings allowing little space for airflow when surrounded by concrete and asphalt create their own microclimate which can raise the temperature by several degrees. On a really hot day, a short tram trip from the city to Docklands will drop the temperature by up to three degrees because Docklands has lots of space between the highrise for the air to circulate, plenty of non-concrete open space including parks and rooftop gardens to dissipate the heat and is surrounded by water. Similarly a tram trip will take you to the waterfront at St Kilda or a train trip will take you to the waterfront at Williamstown.

What's on in Melbourne

You can find a comprehensive guide to markets around Australia at The White Hat Guide to Markets in Australia.

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