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Parliament House
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Parliament House, Melbourne

Parliament House

Spring Street, East Melbourne
When Parliament is not sitting free tours at 10 & 11am 12 noon 2, 3 & 3.45pm, Mon-Fri

A great example of grand Victorian era architecture.

Parliament House


These impressive buildings were constructed at the height of the Victorian gold rush and have served three different governments. It was home to the parliament of the Colony of Victoria until 1900. With Federation in 1901 it became the seat of Australia's Federal Parliament until that shifted to the newly built Parliament House in Canberra (now 'Old Parliament House'). With the shifting of Australia's seat of parliament to Canberra in 1927, Victoria's State Parliament (which had been sitting at the Exhibition Building since Federation) was able to move in and has remained there since.

  • 1856 - construction commences early in the year and the building was ready for use by November
  • 1860 - library added
  • 1879 - Queens Hall added
  • 1886 - Western facade and steps added
  • 1990s - premier Jeff Kennett revives plans to add dome but this does not happen

Parliament House has one of the most lavish interiors of any public building in Australia. 

The buildings were designed by Peter Kerr and J.G.Knight, Free tours are available and photographs are allowed.

Some forthcoming events at Parliament House:

Parliament House Open Day

Apart from its regular free daily tours, Melbourne's Parliament House has an annual open day. On this day not only are the interior spaces of Parliament House open to the public, the grounds and gardens are also accessible. More details at Parliament House Open Day >>

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