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The White Hat Guide to what's on & things to do in Sydney

Sunday 1st September 2024

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This day is celebrated across Australia as Father's Day. The tradition started in the USA in 1910 and was adopted in Australia in the late 1930s, although it has never been accorded the same significance as Mother's Day. Although most countries celebrate Father's Day in June, Australia does so in September. The reason is thought to be a commercial one. In Australia there are a number of public holidays through the middle months and September fits better into the retail calendar for a special 'push'. Also the start of spring coiincides well with gifts suitable for the outdoor activities often associated with fathers.

Wattle Day, 1905
A. J. Campbell & his followers celebrating Wattle Day
Werribee Gorge, 1905

This day has been celebrated by many Australians for over a century as Wattle Day.

Events in Sydney

Sunday 1st September 2024


Markets in Sydney

Sunday 1st September 2024

Rocks Market

A market with over 150 stalls situated in the middle of George Street in The Rocks. Although this is an outdoor market the distinctive sails provide protection from the weather. White Hat enjoys having a meal from a local pub while sitting outside within spitting distance (not that we would do that of course) of the stalls. The emphasis of the market is on Australian memorabilia and gifts.

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Sydney’s Paddys Markets Haymarket

This is Sydney's best-known market and and one of the longest established. In a large indoor setting on the edge of Chinatown and on the tourist tram route you will find stalls selling all manner of wares and produce. On the upper floors of the same building you will find food halls and a large number of variety shops. We at White Hat have shopped at this maket many times over the years and have been as delighted with the things that remain the same as we have with the the new additions.

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Bondi Beach Community Night Market - 'Off-peak' Hours
White Hat recommends that if you are looking for a market shouts 'summer holidays' it is hard o go past the Bondi Beach Nigh Market. With views across iconic Bondi Beach, this is one place in Sydney that has a holiday atmosphere even on weekdays. It is a community market operated by the traders themselves and new stallholders are welcome. You can find full details at Bondi Beach Night Market

1 pm till 8 pm, Saturdays & Sundays during Sept, Oct, Nov, March & April
1 pm till 10pm, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays during Dec, Jan & Feb

EQ Village Sunday Market
Featuring jewellery, accessories, skin care, toys, homewares, clothing and more White Hat suggests those looking for a pleasant market browse on a Sunday could try out this market. You may care to combine it with a vist to the several Sunday markets in nearby Paddington. ..
Eveleigh Artisans' Market
An undercover artisans' market with over 70 stalls featuring creative work by designers, artists and craft people. Wares include jewellery, sculpture, accessories, textiles, home & garden wares and more. There is also the opportunity to enjoy coffee together with breakfast or a light lunch. White Hat also suggests that while you are there you you take a short time to ponder the transformation through time of the venue. What was once a noisy, grimy, smoky blacksmith's workshop near the railway ahs become a home to many brightly coloured and often delicate pieces made by artisans who (we hope) would never consider using the language of a blacksmith. ..
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Market Maps

Maps showing the location of markets on any given day
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Attractions in Sydney

Sunday 1st September 2024

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